Friday, September 28, 2012


(Tea Party, George Luks, 1922, Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, Montgomery, Alabama)

These adorable grannies have to be the cutest cluster of ladies I've ever seen.

They are filled with life!

I personally relate to the busiest granny.

The one who is holding a piece of bread – or a big fat sugar cookie! - in her left hand.

She's diving into her steaming bowl of veggie soup – or is it a gigantic dish of chocolate ice cream? - with her right hand.

This gal means business!

She's hunched over her lunch like a protective mama bear whose message to the world is:

Don't mess with me – I've got my feed bag on!”

American artist, George Luks, splashed these women onto his canvas in 1922.

He obviously knew what he was doing.

I love their perky hats.

I'll bet each one of those hats speaks to the unique qualities of its wearer.

And what about those electric blue ensembles?

You can't miss seeing them.

And you're not supposed to.

This is a feel good painting, isn't it?

It makes me happy every time I see it.

And, by the way. . . . . .

Maybe their conversation is going something like this:

MABLE: “Hey, Gertrude, would ya hurry up and pass those cookies my way?”

GERTRUDE: “Hold your horses, Mable, I'll get to it in a minute.”

HORTENSE: “Would you two give it a rest? You both are actin' like you've never seen a speck of food your whole entire lives!”

GERTRUDE: “I've seen plenty of food and I'm gonna see a lot more of it before they plant me! Just sit there and look pretty while I gorge on the groceries!”

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