Monday, March 28, 2011


Walking out of the hotel, we hit the streets in the early evening light.

We are on a serious mission.

That mission involves food.

But why rush into things?

We want to live in the moment and soak up the beauties of Bordeaux.

Heidi starts the conversation as we stroll:

"That hotel room would be a great place to hide out after you pull off the heist."

All of us burst into laughter.

John chuckles and says, "Maybe we should think about experimenting with that theory."

I can't resist adding, "Hey, people, those rooms where the villains meet in bad TV shows are hipper, jazzier and probably cleaner."

Bob throws in his two cents, "That may not be saying much."

Whoever said laughter is good for the soul was spot on.

Our moods are lightened as we walk and talk.

Eventually, our attention is drawn to a dramatic fountain directly in front of us.

Roaming around its perimeter, each of us is intrigued with the sculptor's mastery of his art.

The stunning angel on the top of the column looks as if she is within seconds of taking flight?

Everything about her is poised for take-off.

But where is she going?

A plaque near the fountain reads: "Monument aux Girondins"


The word "Girondins" triggers something in my history major brain.

Unfortunately, it doesn't trigger enough.

Bob and John dig out their cameras and start clicking.

Heidi, our resident researcher, goes over the fountain with a fine tooth comb.

I am excited by every piece of art on this structure.

Should anyone be shocked?

My eyes travel to the happy head of Bacchus whose portrait is carved within a beautiful clam shell motif.

Beneath his head, a pair of petite but sturdy dolphins support his merry mood.

His eyes dance and his mouth exclaims...... something - but what?

Who cares?

It makes me happy just looking at him!

I love this busy bird!

He's flapping those feathers like crazy.

The sculptor has captured him in mid-squawk.

So he's definitely crowing about something.

Maybe he wants me to stop staring at him.

He seems a little out of place on this fountain though.

Why is he here?

If there is a woman alive who can not relate to these chatting ladies, I want to meet her!

Women seem destined to communicate with each other, don't they?

And these stone lovelies are no exception.

Just look at these magnificent steeds!


Maybe not.

Check out their "hooves."

And their "tails."

These guys mean business!

Look at that watery spray spewing from their nostrils!

Can we say "hyper-vigilant?"

* * * * * *

Bob, never one to waste words, says: "I've got enough pictures of this thing to last ten lifetimes. Let's go eat!"

He's right.

I've been in a state of frenzy over this fountain for at least 30 minutes.

Our tummies are empty and can no longer be appeased.

Even by the mysterious wonders of art.

We amble into a lovely area of neighborhood restaurants.

Studying the sidewalk menu boards, we casually select the evening's winner.

Little do we know what gustatory delights await us inside.


(The mysteries I should have recognized and remembered from my college history classes!)

1. The angel represents the spirit of liberty. That makes sense, doesn't it? She is perched and ready to fly off to freedom.

2. "The Monument aux Girondins" is a richly adorned fountain commemorating the Girondists who were sent to the guillotine by Robespierre during the French Revolution's Reign of Terror.

3. Bacchus is the Greek god of wine. Drinking wine in France is nearly a religion. No wonder he seems so happy!

4. The rooster is an unofficial national symbol of France. Although the bird has been associated with France since the Middle Ages, his popularity blossomed during the French Revolution.

5. The stunning steeds are creatures called "quadriga horse-fish." They represent "Happiness."

Well, I'll be! I know it made me happy just to stay out of their way!

Ain't knowledge grand?

Many thanks to my own stunning steed, the Bobster, who definitely out did himself with these amazing photos.

The shot of the quadrigi horse fish is contest - winner worthy!

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  1. I think I want to come with you next time! You sound very fun to travel with!